I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ~William Shakespeare

Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.  ~G.B. Stern

One of the most common complaints we hear at the store is that people don't bother to write them a thank you note following a gift. That, or that their grandchildren haven't been taught to write a thank you note. They're left wondering if they even received the gift, got it and didn't care for it, and/or just didn't have the manners to thank them for it.

These days, thank you notes come in so many forms - elegant, cute, fun! I love these fill-in thank you notes we have from Penny Laine to help children get started. The child writes (or attempts to write) a few words, and then colors the picture with the set of crayons that come in the package. It's never too soon to start teaching children good manners! And what a treat to receive one of these from a child you love!

We often think of the weeks following Christmas as a common time to write thank you notes. Makes sense, with all the gift giving. But think about it, thank you notes are one of our best sellers year-round!  So many events lead to gifts, which (should, at least) lead to a hand-written thank you note. You've got birthdays, Mitzvahs, wedding and baby showers, let alone weddings! And then there's graduations, thank yous following job interviews and notes to the professors who gave a good word and helped you land the job of your dreams! Then there's anniversaries, retirement, the list goes on and on!  We all have so much to be grateful for, don't we?

Writing thank you notes is a part of life, and all gifts should generate a hand-written thank you note. One exception is if the gift-giver is present at its opening, and the person is able to personally thank the giver. Even in this case, however, a thank you note is always appropriate.

Traditionally, a thank you note was written on an "informal note," which is why they are now sometimes referred to as an informal. It would typically be personalized with a name or monogram, such as these from Crane & Co.

Many people, however, use a simple note or correspondence card with "Thank you" pre-printed, which is also fine. Remember, the sentiment is what is important.

Sometimes writing thank you notes can seem monotonous and repetitive, such as notes acknowledging wedding gifts. Thank you notes should be a warm, sincere expression of gratitude, and you want to convey that feeling to your gift-giver. Some helpful hints include

  1. consider the gift you are writing about, even picture it in your mind.
  2. think of the person who gave you the gift, and (hopefully) what they mean to you.
  3. mention the specific gift. If it's money, mention that as well. (thanks for the check...)
  4. say something about the gift, such as 'we've always needed that', 'we plan to use the money towards remodeling the kitchen' or if you have no idea what you'll do with it, mention how pretty, colorful, unusual (fill in the blank) the item was. 
  5. wrap up with something like how great it was to see them, you look forward to seeing them again, sorry you missed them, or something like that.
Thank you notes don't need to be lengthy. Keep it simple, but sincere. Also, be sure that you thank them for the correct gift! (Thanks for the kitchen utensils wont go over well when it was a vase from Tiffany's!) Also, if you have many notes to write (lucky you!), break them up. Write five or 10 a day, then stop. Come back to it again when you're fresh!  You'll get through them in no time!

And I meant that "lucky you!" sincerely! Remember, no one has to give you a gift, even for a wedding. A gift is just that - a gift!  Enjoy and be grateful!


Finally, a stamp for square cards!

The US Postal Service is expected to announce the unveiling of a new $.64 stamp at the National Stationery Show in May.  The stamp will be available for sale beginning May 17, to be utilized for square or irregular-shaped envelopes. The stamp will always have a butterfly design on it, and in addition, manufacturers will begin to imprint the same design on envelopes, indicating a need for the special stamp.

Finally, a stamp for the ever-popular square card!

Look for this design to begin to show up on square envelopes before long:


International Women's Day

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day.  It is a day when men and women celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women the world over, past and present. In some countries, today is a national holiday. I first learned of this day a number of years ago in Italy, where the women were given a sprig of Mimosas (the flower, not the drink!) at a restaurant. While hardly even heard of in the United States, I would like to recognize the women in my life, who inspire me every day.

From my mom, who got her bachelor's degree in medical technology at a time that few women even attended college, to my sister, who's about to be sworn in as the Department of Justice's Director of Violence Against Women, to my daughter, who is by my side every day in business and inspires me to do my best always, to all the other women friends, family and business associates. Here's to you, and thanks for all you do!


Crane & Co. thank you notes on Late Night

The other night I just happened to catch Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. I don't usually watch that show - way past my bedtime, and I'm generally boycotting NBC since losing Conan. But somehow I find his thank you note skits amusing. So while listening and chuckling, I noticed something - Jimmy Fallon was using Crane & Co. thank you notes!


Now, I can't swear that they were from Crane, but that 'Thank you' has a very distinctive look. My husband says that only I would notice something like that! Well, maybe that's true, but I have a newfound appreciation for Jimmy Fallon!

Check out Crane and other thank you notes at our website! And watch the skit too...


Wedding Invitation Specials!

Did I mention that it's wedding season? Come on into the store - we've got specials on wedding invitations from some really wonderful companies!!

From Crane, purchase 100 or more engraved, letterpress or foil stamped wedding sets and receive the invitation and address dies free. Purchase 100 or more thermographed or flat print wedding sets and receive the return address on the invitation envelope for free.

This includes Crane, Kate Spade and Martha Stewart ensembles. 
Hurry, special ends April 12th! 

William Arthur's special is for 25 free invitations when you purchase 75 or more! Ends March 28th. Includes William Arthur, 
Vera Wang and Rita Renning.

Elum, one of my favorite letterpress companies had a great special as well...
UPDATE: Sorry, this special has now expired. 

While elum's new umi album isn't included in their special, the pricing is so great in this album, that it's almost as good as a special. 
And we've already got our first order from it!
This one is my favorite - gorgeous!:

Page, another letterpress company, is offering free return address printing on the invitation envelope!

Happy Envelope is offering 1/2 off your stationery order when making a wedding invitation purchase! 

 Finally, Checkerboard is offering a special for 25 free invitations 
when you purchase 25 or more invitaton ensembles. 
Offer expires March 28th. 

Join us at the store to view these and other great invitations! 
We can't wait to see you!