The Week of Living Dangerously

Remember when eating out was a treat? It used to mean a special event – a birthday or maybe an anniversary. When I was a kid, it meant mom and dad were going out! Dad would take me to the McDonalds and we would buy food to take home and eat (that’s all you did back then). Wow, was that a treat! Hamburgers and fries! A rare occasion!

Now-days, it’s become routine. We grab something on the way home, perhaps order in. With my husband’s travel schedule, and my work schedule, sometimes it just makes more sense, sad to say. I feel like I hardly ever cook anymore. I try to remember meals I used to prepare, recipes that were favorites. What’s happened?

Well, Renee and I are changing all that this week. We’ve joined the Huffinton Post’s Week of Eating In. I call it the ‘week of living dangerously.’ We're actually going to cook for a whole week! Have to think. What can I cook? What to buy at the grocery store? What’s in the fridge – better start there!

But all this is well-timed. I’ve been wanting to eat better, healthier. We’ve been talking about buying local, buying fresh, buying organic. Just watched Food, Inc. (finally) and it also forced me to think about all of this. How our lives have changed, and especially, how our food has changed. Where have I been, you might say? I guess the answer is, buried at work.

But now it’s time for a real change (or is that, challenge)… at least starting with this week… We're eating in, and that's doesn't mean 'ordering in'! We're actually going to do this... join us?


To love!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I've been thinking about the meaning of the holiday, and realizing I don’t really know what the meaning is! To me, Valentine’s Day is one of those ‘fluff’ holidays, sort of like St. Patrick’s Day, that we “celebrate” but don’t really pay much attention to, other than sending cards and giving chocolates. So I did a bit of reading.

According to Wikipedia, the feast of St. Valentine was first established in 496 by Pope Gelasius I. However, even then, there was apparently little known and limited connection between the Saint and love. Folklore has portrayed Valentine as a priest who refused to follow a law disallowing young men to marry, at a time when single men were needed for war. He was jailed and executed, and as the story goes, on the eve of his execution, wrote the first “valentine” himself, professing his love to a young woman. It was a note that was signed “from your Valentine”. Thus, the beginning of valentine’s cards.

Whatever the beginnings, holiday or no, I am always happy to accept a box of chocolates and a sweet card from my wonderful husband! I'll take that any day!

And to all of you, I am so fortunate, blessed, and happy to have so many wonderful friends and family that enrich my life every day! Love to you all on St. Valentine’s day!

From your Valentine, Jan