Environmentally Friendly Wrap

As you may know, part of what keeps us busy each year is finding new products. In order to assist in that process each year is the National Stationery Show in New York. Now, this is one of our favorite things in which to participate. The energy in the Jacob Javits Center is palpable, each vendor trying to find new products to fit their stores... it's wonderful!

Well, each year when we go, we have a list of different merchandise that we need to be on the lookout for. Inevitably, we come home with more than we needed to begin with, but that's beside the point. This year, we found a really wonderful product. As you may be able to tell, wrapping gifts is one of our favorite things to do. A couple of years ago we went to London of all places to take an afternoon gift wrapping seminar and had a wonderful time! When we were at the show, we found a product called Bobo Wrap. Now, what's different about Bobo Wrap is that it is made of decorative fabric instead of paper! And it's almost easier than wrapping with paper! Something to keep in mind is that it can also be more expensive than the paper, but truly, that is part of the gift! The fabric can be reused many times over and is great for gifts of all different sizes. Here are some examples of a few of the fabrics that we picked up and different ways in which to use them as well as a video of how to wrap them! Since they've been well received, we will not only be adding more colors soon for the holidays, but we also add the larger sizes for further customization. In addition, there is an Instruction brochure that explains the many different ways to wrap!


Name placement etiquette in stationery

As a stationery store owner, I often get questions about etiquette, and I’m happy to answer. It seems that over the last several decades there’s been such a movement towards ‘casual’ that we forgot to teach our kids some of the rules. Surprisingly, however, it’s often the generation older than me that is locked into incorrect ways. So, here are a few simple rules pertaining to name placement on stationery.

1. Ladies, we didn’t go through women’s lib for nothing! But even without that movement, in most social situations, we are supposed to come first when mentioned with our husband. Some say the man’s “first and last name should never be separated,” some say “ladies first.” I say it’s the “polite way.” No matter, the effect is the same: it’s Susan and John Doe. Not John and Susan Doe.

2. With wedding invitations, the parents of the bride typically extend the invitation and many brides want their mom’s first name mentioned. While that is fine, it certainly decreases the level of formality. And when the mother’s first name is given, titles should be dropped. So it’s Susan and John Doe or Mr. and Mrs. John Doe inviting you to the wedding; not John and Susan Doe, and not Mr. and Mrs. Susan and John Doe.

3. When you send wedding invitations, please, please don’t use stickers on the envelopes!!! Just because ‘everybody does it…’ doesn’t mean you should. (Remember your mom saying ‘if everyone jumped off a bridge’…?) An event as important as your wedding deserves the time it takes to hand-write your guests’ names and addresses. And again, as you address the envelope, return to #1 and #2.

4. When addressing envelopes, and writing any correspondence, recall the level of formality of the event, your familiarity with the person to whom you are writing (and their spouse, as applicable), and any professional titles they may carry. Mr. and Mrs., Dr. and Mrs., and Professor and Mrs. are always in good taste. First names may not be.

Remember, etiquette isn’t as much about what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” as it is about making people feel comfortable and welcome. It’s about being polite and treating people with kindness and respect. Come on, let’s make the world a kinder place!


On Change

There are some changes in life that our culture embraces. A new marriage, new baby, new home. We welcome, no celebrate these changes in our life. They are joyous events that mark a special event in our lives.

There are other changes in life that we avoid or dread, such as an illness or loss, anticipated or not.

Then there are the changes that could go either way. A new job might be forced or highly sought after, but it may bring a new location, a new paycheck, new friends. Some might be welcomed; some might be dreaded or bitter-sweet.

Our President campaigned on “Change we can believe in.” I’m still waiting, hoping, but ‘believing’ is beginning to fade. Some change we really need as a society.

One change that happens, whether we like it or not in Wisconsin, is the change in seasons. I love the transition from winter to spring, to summer and fall, my most favorite season! Think sweatshirts, fall leaves, football and Halloween! But were it not for Christmas, I could do without winter. Give me the first snowfall of the year, and let’s just fast-forward to spring!

At Sarah B. Fine Stationery, we LOVE the changes in season! We get to bring out fresh, new designs and fun decorations for the upcoming holidays! Yes, you could say our store is ‘beginning to look a lot like….’ well, you know!

Peruse the pictures on website, sarahbstationery.com and come browse in our store. Perhaps you, too, will embrace the change!


Fall Is Upon Us

School has started now and the leaves are just starting to turn colors and the weather is starting to cool. Yeah! Fall is almost here and with it comes the changing leaves, the sweaters & sweatshirts, football games and wood burning in the fireplaces. There's nothing like it!

And along comes Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas not far behind. Though the kids are back to school, there's more family time ahead with the holidays. My favorite time of year.

To help you and your children memorialize their grad school years, we have the Grade School Books. Each has a section for pictures as well as the different activities throughout the year. You can find them on our website at http://www.sarahbstationery.com/grade-books-c-1087.html. Watch out, they do go fast! *If there's one in particular that you aren't finding at our website, you can give us a call and we can let you know when we'll have them in stock again.

Now is the time to start planning for Halloween as well! It's only about 8 weeks away and why not do it up right since it's on a Saturday this year?!

Here are some cute invitations to help you invite friends and get in the festive mood -- candy bowls as well as some fun decorations! All can be found on our website by clicking on the picture.

We hope you have a great start to the season and we'll keep you posted on all the new holiday arrivals!