Kate Spade 2010 Calendars are In!

Start 2010 the right way!

We know how many people enjoy finding Kate Spade items at an affordable price and her 2010 Spiral-bound Calendars are always one of our most popular items from her stationery collection. Well, they've now arrived!

They are great not only for a gift for yourself, but they make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays too!

Click on the link below and it'll take you right to the planner on our website or you can go to http://www.sarahbstationery.com/calendars-c-1193.html to see all of our 2010 Planners!


Something Personal

I don't know about you, but it often feels to me like we live in an impersonal world. People converse via computers instead of in person much of the time because of the speed at which you need to get things done. But (!), sometimes, it's nice to slow down and take the time to be with friends and really be present -- not only physically, but mentally too. And in taking the time to do so, you come to know those friends better and what their likes and dislikes are. And as you do so, you start noticing things they'll like, but as is the communication, much of the possessions we have in our homes are impersonal as well. There is nothing to distinguish them from the other people who have those same items.

So, this year, I say take some time to figure out what your friends and family will like as their own. Personalize it! Not only to them, but for them! Here are some great things that you can give to the people that matter which will only be for them:




Season of Thanks...

Thanksgiving is Thursday! And Christmas is soon to follow. As we enter the holiday season, please remember that though it is the season of gift-giving and receiving, it is also a time to be thankful for the friends and family you have to spend it with. And if they are giving you gifts, you should return them some appreciation. This may be in the form of a gift in return, but it absolutely should be with a heartfelt handwritten thank you. Do NOT email it. Not only is it inappropriate, it also shows a lack of proper appreciation for the gift as well as the time and effort the giver put into finding something they thought you would like. Now, you might ask, do I really need to send a thank you if I said it verbally? YES! would be the answer. 

It does not have to be a long thank you note, and the handwriting doesn't have to be perfect. You can make it a simple "Thank you for the beautiful cashmere scarf. I have the perfect coat to wear it with and can't wait to use it during the winter season." or "I love the engagement ring you picked out. It's perfect! And I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!" Something along those lines. If you need help, get a book. A couple good ones are: Writing Thank You Notes by Gabriella Goodwin & David Macfarlane; and Just Write: The Art of Personal Correcspondence by Molly O'Shaughnessy that is more about corresponding than specifically writing thank you notes.

If you need further advice on writing your thank you notes and reasons to do so, this is a great article that was published in the Wisconsin Bride Magazine in 2006. Though it is particular to weddings, the reasons and methods pertain to everyday life as well.



It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The weather outside is cold, it hasn't yet snowed this season and Christmas is a little over a month away! And we're ready for it anyway!

Sarah B. is continually in transition...

The lights are up, the trees are decorated and more new things continue to roll in!

Some of our newest highlights include:

Candles and diffusers from Aquiesse... not only are they made in the US, but they are wonderful scents that smell great as a combination. I want one of each! The products include:
  • diffusers
  • small and large soy candles
  • french jar candles
  • votives and travel tins

Our newest Bobo Wrapping Scarves have arrived! They are made in the US, are eco-friendly because they eliminate waste since they can be reused and they joined the Madison News local during a Dane Buy Local segment...

Before we made it look all nice and pretty, you can still see the beauty of the wraps in the box.

The beauty on display!

New Stationery from Cheree Berry:


New stationery from St. Augustine's:

And last, but not least, we recently got in these REALLY COOL (!) totes. They are made of recycled newspapers and magazines and are cut, laminated and sewn into a tote. Since they're laminated, you can spill anything you like in or on your bag and not have to worry. And best of all, they're made in the US!!!

We hope you enjoy some of these great holiday offerings. Happy Thanksgiving! And shop your hearts out on Black Friday!


Dane Buy Local Holiday Marketplace

It's time to kick off the holiday shopping season if you haven't already!

We'd like to invite you to join us to do your holiday shopping and support the local Madison retailers at the Dane Buy Local Holiday Marketplace! It will take place this Friday, the 20th, Noon to 7pm at the Edgewater Hotel! See below for details....

In addition, be sure to bring the included a coupon for your use at the Sarah B. Fine Stationery booth...


Holiday Specials

With the state of our economy, many vendors are offering special discounts, not only for their holiday cards, but also for personalized stationery. And though most of the holiday specials have ended, some have been extended or reinstated. Here are the latest:

Holiday Card Specials:

CRANE & CO. has a special until December 31st for 10% off all Personalized Holiday & Photo Card orders.

Stationery Specials:

CRANE & CO. has a stationery special until December 31st. Buy 75, get 25 free! There are some exclusions, so please ask for details.

And William Arthur is giving you one last chance.... Their special ends November 15th! Great time to take advantage of this offer!

You can come visit us or give us a call (we can definitely work with you over the phone) to place your order!

If you haven't been into the store in a little while, this is a gentle reminder that we've moved to the main corridor between Macy's and Sundance. Hope to see you soon!

And if you need to call/email us, feel free to do so as well... 608.233.5100 or sbfs1@mac.com